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Health Diagnostics Solutions
About us
Work areas and scientific base
ARM BIOTECH LAB PTE. LTD. is a Singapore based biotech company.
We develops comprehensive human health diagnostics solutions.
Our technologies are based on the "Omics" sciences - genomics, transcriptomics, proteomics and metabolomics.

Omics sciences study how the genome works and how the information encoded in it is realized. How it's converted into the structure of proteins and, later, into some signs of the body that may be important for the diagnosis and treatment of diseases. In other words, Omics technologies are one of the main tools of genomic and post-genomic medicine.

In our work, we continuously analyze big data using bioinformatics methods, which are based on the synthesis of biological and mathematical knowledge.
The central dogma
of molecular biology
  • Genomics: complete genetic information of an organism;
  • Transcriptomics: complete set of mRNA transcribed from a genome at a given time and condition;
  • Proteomics: complete profile of proteins expressed in a biological system at a given time and condition;
  • Metabolomics: whole set of metabolites in a biological system at a given time and condition.
Human Health Diagnostics Solutions
Our key technology
Comprehensive Metabolomic
Laboratory-Developed Test (MLDT)
Whole set of metabolites in a biological system
at a given time and condition
Metabolomics is the systematic study of unique chemical fingerprints specific to the processes occurring in living cells - specifically, the study of their low molecular weight metabolic profiles.
A metabolome is a collection of all metabolites that are the end product of metabolism in a cell, tissue, organ or organism.
Data on the expression of mRNA genes and data from proteomic analysis do not fully reveal everything that can occur in a cell. And metabolomic profiling can provide a snapshot of the physiology of that cell, and thus metabolomics provides us a direct "functional readout of the physiological state" of the organism.
Can be purchased for research
and scientific purposes
Laboratory-Developed Test Kit
Based on fundamental science, many years of research and experience, we have created a laboratory test for a detailed comprehensive diagnosis of the health of the entire human body.
To take the test, you only need to donate 4 drops of blood from your finger. This will be enough for us to fully scan your body for existing deviations in health and possible predispositions to various diseases.
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